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Let the results speak for themselves

“I had finally saved enough money to invest in myself. I had wanted to do something for myself for so long and i chose Aspire. I chose Shane because not only was he adequately qualified to educate me on my nutrition but from the very start the enthusiasm and support was second to none. Learning from Shane was like the cogs in a wheel falling into place, somewhere along the 12 week programme i realised i was doing what he was asking without even thinking, i had adapted his nutritional info into my lifestyle not a bother. I love that nothing is too difficult and it was the small recommendations of Shane that made a big difference to my lifestyle, I set a target with Shane at the start of the 12 weeks and I am definitely on the road to safely reaching them. I had a few setbacks with injuries during my 12 weeks and again it was no problem for Shane to help me through.

Being able to portion my meals into everything my body needs to work efficiently. Fat loss is slow it takes time but it does happen with the correct skills and knowledge

I would recommend Aspire to someone who is in a rut with their nutrition or someone who does work out a lot but just isn’t seeing results.”

Weight loss, Confidence
Irene Mooney

“Shane is very knowledgeable and has a talent for sharing that knowledge. I always felt that no question or query would be too silly or inconsequential. The different formats and pathways for staying in touch are very helpful.

I have learned that food has a greater impact on not only weight but also wellbeing and mood. It is good to realise that being in charge of what you eat is the key to holistic wellness.

I definitely would recommend Aspire Nutrition to anyone who is confused about the appropriate ratios of nutrients in their diet and how food actually fuels us.

A big Thank You to Shane for all the positivity and encouragement which was always welcome, particularly when going through little ‘rocky patches ‘.”

Irene MooneyHealth, Weight loss, Education
Donagh Tarrant

“My experience with Aspire was excellent. I dropped 8 lbs & learnt about sustainable nutrition. The most valuable thing I will take away with me is the importance of tracking your intake in some form. I would recommend Aspire to anybody who wants to learn more about nutrition & planning their meals. Shane is very thorough & realistic , a pleasure to deal with.”

Donagh Tarrant
Dawn O Loughlin

“Professional, approachable, understanding, considerate, knowledgeable, realistic, hard working. I have nothing but positive things to say about Shane and Aspire. From day one, Shane has been there for me in helping me get comfortable in my body and help me understand the importance nutrition has within my training regimen. Since starting with Aspire, I have got fitter, stronger and more wise in what my body needs to sustain itself.

Accountability. Shane and Aspire understand that we all have lives and sometimes they get in the way. That is perfectly OK. Dining out with a few drinks are all realistic with Shane’s methodology. When I used to go out for a coffee with friends, I would beat myself up about eating a slice of cake or some other sweet treat. One of my friends commented on how more relaxed I have become with going for coffees and meals; this is all to do with being accountable with oneself, and also being honest with Shane.

I would recommend Aspire to everyone. If you are looking to lose weight, change body composition or even just get comfortable in your own skin, Shane and Aspire is for you. We are all different and all looking for different things. Shane will tailor a nutrition plan for you and only you. The support you will receive from Aspire is fantastic. The knowledge you will gain will set you up for life.

Everything you want is achievable with Aspire, be honest, be accountable and work hard, and you well achieve great things with Shane.”

Dawn O LoughlinRelationship with food, performance, body re-composition

“My time with Aspire Nutrition was very positive. Shane thought me things that I never imagined learning when I began my journey with Aspire Nutrition. It really is as important to learn about the way you feel about yourself as it is to learn about nutrition. I no longer have a love/hate relationship with food and I have a much better understanding of how it all works. No matter what obstacle you WILL encounter, Shane will absolutely guide you through without any judgement or negativity. He is so encouraging & no problem is to big or small for him to work through. I highly recommend working with Shane to guarantee a long healthy lifestyle going forward.

For me the most important message is to stop focusing on the things that are not important (like the scales) & start focusing on what makes u feel good & confident.

I would highly recommend Aspire to some one like me, who is sick of trying to keep up with all the fad diets & who wants to learn for themselves what nutrition is & what you need to do for your own body.”

AnonymousWeight Loss, Education, Sustainability
Colin Lordan


“I had an extremely positive experience with Aspire Nutrition. Any questions I had, Shane was able to help with. Educational videos each week also helped me learn more than I expected to take from it. Great insight in to how the body works and what it needs to operate at its best. I would recommend Aspire to anyone either looking to lose weight or to maximize their sporting performance.”

Colin LordanAthletic Performance, Weight Loss
Christina Murphy

“My experience with Aspire Nutrition has been fantastic. Shane has been there every step of the way offering the support needed to make overall life changes.  Shane has helped me learn that theirs more to nutrition than weight loss and that overall health is important too. I would highly recommend Aspire Nutrition”

Christina MurphyWeight loss, Powerlifting Performance and Health