Mission Statement

Striving to achieve sustainable results and educate each and every client on all fundamental aspects of good nutrition and lifestyle.

Person Centred Approach

Find a nutrition strategy that is built to suit you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Support and Communication

You will be kept accountable with weekly check ins with your coach as well as having round the clock access to your coach for support and guidance.

Education and Habit Based

The secret to long lasting results is learning how to manage your nutrition through education and building healthy habits.

 About Aspire Nutrition

About Aspire Nutrition

Aspire Nutrition was set up to help people understand the fundamental principles of nutrition. Supplying clients with the education and skills they need to mange their own nutrition and lifestyles more effectively to reach their individual goals and optimising health, bodycomposition and performance.

About Me

My name is Shane Kingston and I am the owner of Aspire Nutrition. Empowering people to take control of their health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors is my passion. My experience of studying nutrition, coaching and psychology has allowed me learn the best evidence based practices available and break these scientific principles into easily understood and applicable habits for the client. My coaching philosophy is to relate and communicate to get to know the client and find out what will work for them. Educate and empower to ensure long term success.
Shane Kingston
Shane Kingston
Owner and Operator

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