Halo Top Ice-cream – Worth the hype?

Are you even Fitfam if you are yet to try this low calorie ice-cream (in comparison to others on the market).


So here are my thoughts on the product from a personal point of view which I feel will be beneficial to others.

It’s no Ben and Jerrys but for the calories it tastes quiet good and hit the spot satisfying the sweet tooth.

I will approach this post from the view point of fat loss being the goal and how I believe Halo Top could fit into the diet as a whole.


I am a big believer that you should be able to eat the foods you love. No matter what that food is. However this certain food should be eaten in moderation as part of a soundly structured diet that satisfies an appropriate calorie intake, protein, fiber and micronutrient needs.


That being said, there are some foods that are better off being restricted. These can be commonly known as “trigger foods”. Foods that you find very difficult to put down and tend to over eat on. For me, this is ice cream. Therefore I consciously avoid it unless on a rare occasion or if I get an ice-cream when out in a portion controlled manner. The reason being if I do buy a tub, it will be eaten in usually 1 but sometimes 2 sittings. I avoid this due to the high palatability of ice-cream, meaning it tastes damn good to me along the high calorie density and low satiety.


Basically, Shane buys ice-cream cause it’s on offer, Shane plans to allow for 400 calories of ice-cream in the evening, but shocker, Shane eats the whole tub and is 1200 calories over on his intake (Peanut Butter Cup Ben and Jerry’s contain approx. 1600 calories per tub).


This brings me onto Halo Top and how it may benefit me, and other in enjoying a favourite food, without sabotaging their fat loss goals. Halo Top is palatable (not to the same extent of B&J’s but still very tasty), it has a low calorie density (winner) but no it is not satiating but eating a tub keeps you occupied for quite awhile. A tub contains 320-360 calories. This is quiet manageable to fit into your daily intake every now and again, and that’s if you eat the full tub, not saying you must do this, but as I mentioned, ice-cream is my thing, I love the stuff.


So what does this mean? Well, it allows me to enjoy one of my favourite foods more often without the massive calorie hit. Now this I am all for. This can improve my overall adherence to consistently stay within my calorie targets therefore giving me better results in the long term, making the process that bit easier and more enjoyable.


So Halo Top. You rock. Ice-cream may not be “your thing” as much as it mine, but there are so many lower calorie alternatives of so many foods now being brought into the market. Apply this to your own context and food preferences and see how it works for you.


Yours in Health,


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