Healthy Habits – Drink Up

Healthy Habit Number 2. Drink 2-3L of water per day.

For this post when I refer to water I am referring to all liquids drank.


2-3L is just a ball park figure that will be suitable for most people. 2L for smaller less active individuals and 3L for larger more active 

individuals, of course there will be outliers. I recommend taking a pretty common sense approach to staying hydrated, aim for 5 relatively clear urinations a day. If you aren’t achieving this drink a bit more, if you are running to the toilet every 30 minutes drink a bit less. Monitor this and through trial and error you will find your sweet spot. If you are exercising more or spending time in a hot country I would recommend you increase your fluid intake. For those of you who really want to get precise aim for 35-40ml fluid per kg of body weight per day.

Why should you be concerned with your liquid intake? 
Well, drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated has a lot of roles, let’s just list a few: 
• eliminate toxic substances 
• produce digestive enzymes 
• maintain healthy skin, hair and organs 
• help your body absorb essential vitamins, minerals and natural sugars 
• Maximise physical performance 
• Energy levels and brain function 
• Healthy digestion 
• Help with weight loss – satiety, metabolic rate 
It’s pretty evident that staying hydrated is damn important. Nail the basics and don’t underestimate the importance of drinking enough liquids.Tips and Tricks 
• Fill up a litre bottle and keep it with you. Drink 2 throughout the day. 
• Glass of water first thing in the morning and at each meal. 
• Make sure to bring water to the gym. Drink at least 0.5-1L while working out. 
• Use flavourings such as MiWadi to help you drink more, make sure to opt for sugar free versions. 
• Drink your teas and coffees, despite what you may have been told, coffee still counts towards your overall liquid intake.

Make these habits a priority, they may just be the missing link to your success.

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Yours in health,


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