Healthy Habits – Eat your damn veg

Healthy Habit Number 2. Consume 10 servings of fruit and veg per day (5-8 veg and 2-3 fruit).

We have always been told growing up by our parents and the food pyramid, 5 fruit and veg per day to keep us big and strong. There is no secret that vegetables and fruit are good for us. Loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins, and low in calories.

A recent meta-analysis of fruit and veg intake found coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality to be at lowest risk when 800 g/day (10 servings/day) was consumed, a level of intake that is double the five servings per day (400 g/day) currently recommended.
You read the correctly. 10 servings. Now, I have brought this topic up with nutrition clients over the past few months, and the initial reaction is “not a hope, sure how would you eat 10 servings”. But think about it and try it out. It may not be as hard a

s it seems. Yes it will involve a bit of preparation and effort initially but come on, surely your health is worth that much?


A few simple ways to up your intake.
-Smoothies loaded with fruit and frozen spinach or kale. You don’t taste the spinach or kale in the slightest.
-Aldi super 6, get on them, so cheap, use them in any way possible.
-homemade veg soup
-veggie omelette instead of 2 fried or boiled eggs
-stir-fry’s can be a simple way to get in an outrageous amount of veg
-don’t shy away from frozen veg, easy to make, convenient, cheap and just as nutrient dense

If you are someone who struggles to manage the 5 a day consumption, strive for progress not perfection. Adding some additional fruit and veg will of course have its benefits, 10 has just been shown to be that bit better.
Find the study attached below for you science geeks.

Make these habits a priorit


y, they may just be the missing link to your success.

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