Eamonn Mooney

When deciding to take part in a half marathon I knew that nutrition would play a massive part in whether or not I could be anyway competitive in the race. Nutrition was something that I had always had an interest in with regards to sport and fitness but I had never taken it seriously enough for it to make a difference.

Deciding to invest in doing things right and get coaching was a fantastic decision as I feel it has given me a much better understanding of what I needed to do to fuel myself properly for performance. I felt as though the quality of my training improved an incredible amount as well as my overall mood and energy.

Even after the coaching has ended I feel like I can make good food choices for myself based on what my current goal is. I would highly recommend Aspire coaching to friends (and have done !)

Whether you are looking to fuel your training better, lose weight or even just educate yourself on nutrition I would recommend doing a coaching course with Aspire. The benefits of the course will remain long after you finish because of the knowledge you gain from it.

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