I am honestly astounded at the difference, and to be honest how easy Shane made the weight loss. Not once did I feel starving, weak or underfed, and instead just felt the opposite! I really can’t thank Shane enough, I can’t put words to the difference it has made to my day to day life and my confidence in the gym!

A major benefit I found was the down to earth nature of the coaching. Every detail was broken down step by step and Shane really ensured I understood every little detail, and the reasoning behind it, which really improved my understanding of nutrition as a whole. The check ins, phone calls, and ease of contact really was a huge benefit to the 12 week program as at any given time I knew any questions I had could be answered as soon as possible.

After completing the 12 week program with Shane, the biggest benefit is without a doubt the results. With Shanes program, I lost 6.1 kg in a 12 week period, and not once did I feel like I was on a “Diet”, with the tips and recipes I was given I was never left feeling hungry or tired, and noticed an improvement in my training in the 12 weeks. Easily the most important message I’ll take away after 12 weeks of trying this, it showed me that this wasn’t a short term change, but something I can keep doing for years to come.

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