“My time with Aspire Nutrition was very positive. Shane thought me things that I never imagined learning when I began my journey with Aspire Nutrition. It really is as important to learn about the way you feel about yourself as it is to learn about nutrition. I no longer have a love/hate relationship with food and I have a much better understanding of how it all works. No matter what obstacle you WILL encounter, Shane will absolutely guide you through without any judgement or negativity. He is so encouraging & no problem is to big or small for him to work through. I highly recommend working with Shane to guarantee a long healthy lifestyle going forward.

For me the most important message is to stop focusing on the things that are not important (like the scales) & start focusing on what makes u feel good & confident.

I would highly recommend Aspire to some one like me, who is sick of trying to keep up with all the fad diets & who wants to learn for themselves what nutrition is & what you need to do for your own body.”

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