“I had finally saved enough money to invest in myself. I had wanted to do something for myself for so long and i chose Aspire. I chose Shane because not only was he adequately qualified to educate me on my nutrition but from the very start the enthusiasm and support was second to none. Learning from Shane was like the cogs in a wheel falling into place, somewhere along the 12 week programme i realised i was doing what he was asking without even thinking, i had adapted his nutritional info into my lifestyle not a bother. I love that nothing is too difficult and it was the small recommendations of Shane that made a big difference to my lifestyle, I set a target with Shane at the start of the 12 weeks and I am definitely on the road to safely reaching them. I had a few setbacks with injuries during my 12 weeks and again it was no problem for Shane to help me through.

Being able to portion my meals into everything my body needs to work efficiently. Fat loss is slow it takes time but it does happen with the correct skills and knowledge

I would recommend Aspire to someone who is in a rut with their nutrition or someone who does work out a lot but just isn’t seeing results.”

Weight loss, Confidence