Investing in Nutrition Coaching with Aspire Nutrition was one of the best decisions I ever made.Before I started with Shane I thought I knew what good nutrition was after following many diets given to me by various gym instructors over the years. I had followed every fad diet, and my weight fluctuated hugely. I would lose weight during the diet and quickly putting it back on once I had finished. After working with Shane I quickly realised I had developed a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Shane helped me realise that during a diet:

  • You should not be feeling hungry or unhappy 
  • You do not need to be eating meals that you don’t enjoy or are boring/bland
  • You should not be restricting, depriving or punishing yourself in any way
  • You should not be eliminating any foods out of your diet
  • You should not be missing out on any social aspects of your life
  • Food should be enjoyable and guilt should not be associated with eating
  • Cycles of Restricting-Binging are not healthy

During my time working with Shane I can honestly say, not once did I ever feel hungry or unhappy. I was able to work towards my goal of weight loss in a completely healthy and maintainable way. I ate all the foods I liked and never felt deprived of anything. I stopped labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’foods. I incorporated all my favourite foods into my diet while still achieving weight loss. The best part of this programme was that Shane helped me really understand and get a grasp of good nutrition and how to reach my goals in a healthy way, rather than simply telling me what to eat. This meant I can take control over my food for the rest of my life.The biggest success for me was finding that balance where I could enjoy my life while maintaining a healthy diet & achieving my goals. Life is for living and I believe it should never be put on hold for a diet, so the key for me was to work out how to find a healthy diet I could maintain while still enjoying my hectic social life.

I am finished with Shane now and feel great in myself! I have never been so comfortable in my body! However, it is the mindset change towards food and life which has me feeling so happy.I cannot thank Shane enough for this. The best part of all is that I know I won’t put the weight back on as it never felt like a ‘diet’, it has just become the way I eat now. Never did I think ‘I can’t wait to be finished this diet so I can eat…’ As cliché as it sounds it was never a diet, it was a lifestyle change!”

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