Ciara Nolan

January just gone I turned to a good friend and absolute mastermind of his field Shane Kingston, thinking he’d help with my diet and training and I’d lose loads of weight and be so happy ect ect ect. But with a huge unexpected turn of events, I ended up overcoming a different struggle every week In my personal life and poor Shane had to come along for the ride.

In a short 6 weeks with Shane, I learned things about my mind and body that I wouldn’t have been able imagine before this. He is a fountain of knowledge and so passionate about helping people lead a healthier happier life. I’ve learned how to eat to aid my stress, I’ve learned how my body reacts to stress and stress eating; and how to counteract it with different training and stress relieving exercises. I learned that a lot of things I was currently doing were actually not right for me at all and while the journey Shane and I thought we were starting turned out to be something totally different altogether.

I think I lost a total of 2kg in weight, maybe a few inches here and there. But what I have gained mentally and what I have learned about my body makes it all irrelevant. As they say, “give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for life”; I can’t wait to get started on the journey Shane and I thought we were starting back in January and this time round it will be a hell of a lot easier now that I know my body so well! 

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