David Hanrahan

Aspire gave me a greater understanding of food/diet. By breaking down certain barriers it has allowed me to look at food/diet with a more relaxed perspective whilst still targeting and reaching my training goals.I learned that diet/food needs to fit around your life style and not the other way around. Your diet can’t control you and if it does you cannot expect success on a consistent basis eventually you will break down.I would 100% recommend Aspire.

No matter what your goals are Shane will definitely have some positive input on your life/ goals.Aspire nutrition does exactly what it says on the tin. I got all the coaching and advice I needed couldn’t fault it! It was great to meet Shane face to face day one.

I would assume all too often others would just email generic nutrition guidelines without ever meeting a client. That doesn’t work. It shows Shane's commitment to anyone who seeks help.

David HanrahanPerformance