Dawn O Loughlin

“Professional, approachable, understanding, considerate, knowledgeable, realistic, hard working. I have nothing but positive things to say about Shane and Aspire. From day one, Shane has been there for me in helping me get comfortable in my body and help me understand the importance nutrition has within my training regimen. Since starting with Aspire, I have got fitter, stronger and more wise in what my body needs to sustain itself.

Accountability. Shane and Aspire understand that we all have lives and sometimes they get in the way. That is perfectly OK. Dining out with a few drinks are all realistic with Shane’s methodology. When I used to go out for a coffee with friends, I would beat myself up about eating a slice of cake or some other sweet treat. One of my friends commented on how more relaxed I have become with going for coffees and meals; this is all to do with being accountable with oneself, and also being honest with Shane.

I would recommend Aspire to everyone. If you are looking to lose weight, change body composition or even just get comfortable in your own skin, Shane and Aspire is for you. We are all different and all looking for different things. Shane will tailor a nutrition plan for you and only you. The support you will receive from Aspire is fantastic. The knowledge you will gain will set you up for life.

Everything you want is achievable with Aspire, be honest, be accountable and work hard, and you well achieve great things with Shane.”

Dawn O LoughlinRelationship with food, performance, body re-composition