Louise Coleman

The past 12 weeks have been extremely educational. This wasn’t a 12 week meal plan handed to me without explanation. Every question I had was answered and every food I ate, I knew why I was eating it. I learned so much about what effects food have on your body and I feel more than capable to adjust my diet to suit my needs from now on. I stopped feeling so clueless about foods, and stopped eating things that I saw other people eating thinking “well they look like that so if I eat this maybe I’ll look like that”. No two diets are the same and everyones goals are different. Food is food. Before starting with Aspire I had always considered certain foods as good or bad without even knowing what they were. I avoided the “bad” foods rather than enjoying them but accounting for them at the same time. My previous attempts at weight loss included constantly putting myself in a huge calorie deficit that left me with extremely rapid but UNSUSTAINABLE weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race and that has without a doubt held true the past few months. My performance at training has never been better, no doubt because Shane has taught me how to give my body what it wants and needs to excel. I learned to better manage my appetite mood swings by manipualting both low and high calorie meals to suit myself. Every obstacle I threw Shane’s way he somehow managed to overcome. He didn’t just give me answers, he gave me explanations and constant guidance.

I didn’t shed kilos upon kilos over the past 12 weeks but the change in my body composition has convinced friends and family that I did! You absolutely do not have to lose 6 pounds to achieve something. My clothes are swimming on me and I have started buying different sized gym gear without losing more than 2 kilos. I used to obsess over the scale, thinking if I was up 2 pounds I was visibly larger even though my measurements might have stayed the same! Weight means very little to me anymore, especially now that I have seen how much your body can change while the scale stays the same.

The past 3 months have been beneficial beyond words. No matter what your goals are, any program with Shane is so educational that you will leave with the tools to help yourself rather than having to look for help to achieve your goals.

Louise Coleman, Fat Loss and Performance