Sandra Hegarty

“Working with Aspire I received coaching that was completely tailored to meet my individual goals/needs. Over the 12 weeks I had access to Shane’s expertise to help plan and adapt around holidays, occasions etc. This ensured I stayed on track to meet my goals. 
I had someone to be accountable to which made it very motivating for me. Shane provided motivation and understanding every week and also in between check ins when required. The weekly check ins were a way to stay very focused. 
I gained really great knowledge about nutrition from the initial presentation and also from the weekly videos. 
I have learned to trust my own ability to manage and adapt my nutrition according to my goals, be it fat loss, eating to support my training, planning around holidays, having a well deserved treat etc.. I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge and tools to feel in control of food rather than the other way around.
I have learned to listen to my body and know when I need to adapt my nutrition. For example if I’m genuinely hungry increase calories, if my mood or anxiety levels are up check in with what’s happening with food what am I missing, excessive amounts of certain foods etc. I have really learned how nutrition affects me physically and emotionally. 
Most importantly as a result of all of the above I have learned to be able to love food/nutrition again. 
I am continuing to have light bulb moments with the information Shane shared in my daily living so the learning goes well beyond the 12 weeks. In fact I think it takes time and practice to consolidate all the information I gained. During the 12 weeks food and tracking were a main focus of my everyday life but now it’s just automatic and much more natural. 

The most important thing I will take away from coaching is how to feel in control of my food. My favourite part is the 80/20% thinking. For years I tried to avoid/deprive myself of foods I considered “bad”. This meant I always felt deprived! For the first time in years, I now enjoy having a slice of cake etc knowing that it’s all in safe moderation. That has been life changing for me! 

I have recommended Shane to several of my friends and work colleagues already. One of the main reasons I feel comfortable recommending Shane is because apart from his obvious, in-depth understanding and knowledge of nutrition more importantly for me, was Shane’s understanding and appreciation for the emotional side to nutrition and coaching. He shows genuine interest and kindness to this aspect of his coaching. I think this makes all the difference. I would especially recommend Shane to a friend that may be reluctant or anxious about starting coaching or someone just thinking about making changes but feeling very vulnerable. This was certainly true in my case. I found Shane to be very encouraging and kind while also ensuring you remain accountable to get results you want. 
Shane provided coaching that was completely tailored to suit my needs and was always available to answer any questions concerns etc. He helped me plan for occassions and holidays that came up over the 12 weeks. In my opinion he gave a lot more of his time and expertise that was initially agreed. 
I found Shane’s knowledge, motivation and kindness key to the coaching. He also made it fun. I have even started personal training with Shane. “

Sandra HergartyFatloss, Athletic Performance