Sonny Dwyer

I came¬†to Shane 12 weeks ago, after attending his 8 week nutrition course. I wasn’t lacking on knowledge even before I did¬†that course, and I wasn’t looking to shed a load of weight or gain pounds of muscle. What Shane offered was to help me with my consistency, to keep me accountable and to increase my knowledge and confidence to be able to help myself long after the 12 weeks were up.

Shane accomplished this about 9-10 weeks into the coaching, the last few weeks almost felt like a bonus. With his guidance I was able to construct my own private meal plans, assess and alter them when I needed to, recognise when changes were happening in my body composition and figure out the how and why behind it all. This is exactly what I wanted and needed and I appreciate it all because I know what I was looking for was different to the usual ”lose weight, gain muscle” requests and coaching that most people seek.

Aswell as my own growth, Shane provided answers to all my questions, plenty of new meal recipes and educational videos that I still find myself rewatching. I couldn’t recommend his coaching any higher, there’s thousands of videos and coaches on the internet that spread misinformation and myths, it was refreshing to have a voice in my corner that spoke out against them and instead taught true values that will last throughout my life.
He was always available for a coffee and a chat too!

Sonny Dwyer, Athletic Performance and Weight Gain