The ASPIRE Method

What is The ASPIRE Method?

The ASPIRE Method is an innovative, evidence based and sustainable method to manage your nutrition.

Who is The ASPIRE Method for?

Anyone who wants to gain control of their nutrition in order to:

  • Alter their body composition – lose weight, gain muscle/weight or maintain.
  • Optimise their health.
  • Fuel performance and recovery in sport and exercise.

How does The ASPIRE Method work?

You will be provided with individualized daily serving targets and The ASPIRE Method Food Index. This will enable you to choose your foods in the appropriate quantities, from the best quality sources to achieve your goals while optimising your health and performance. You will have access to The ASPIRE Method manual to guide you through implementing The ASPIRE Method effectively. Additionally, you will become a part of The ASPIRE Method Community where you will be supported by likeminded individuals and ASPIRE nutrition.

How much does The ASPIRE Method cost?

To join The ASPIRE Method you pay a once off Joining Fee of €200 and a monthly subscription of either €7.99 (Standard Membership) or €50 (Premium Membership). Click “Join The ASPIRE Method Today” button to view membership details.

What is the time commitment?

This is up to you. The ASPIRE Method is a lifestyle approach which we hope will span the duration of your life. The ASPIRE Method is designed for progression. Once you achieve your goal, you may choose to chase another, or maintain your results and focus on your health and performance. We recommend being a member of The ASPIRE Method as long as you are using this unique method.

Background and Development of The ASPIRE Method

The ASPIRE Method was created to provide people with an easy to follow approach that DOES NOT require you to track calories or limit you to a regimental meal plan. The hard work of numbers and calculations have been done by ASPIRE, in order to provide you with an easy to follow manual specific to your goals. The ASPIRE Method gives you the freedom and empowerment to choose your own foods, in the correct serving sizes and amounts, to reach your specific requirements to achieve your goals. This unique method ensures variety and enjoyment which promotes overall adherence and sustainable results.

The ASPIRE Method has been developed and refined over a number of years from working with 100’s of clients and from my own personal use. This method has successfully supported people to reach fat loss goals, increase muscle mass and strength and optimise their performance in competitive sport and recreational exercise and sustain these results. Personally, I have used The ASPIRE Method to prepare for triathlons and duathlons, reduce fat mass for summer holidays and support my training and overall health year round.

Designed for Progression

The ASPIRE Method is designed for progression so that you can achieve and adapt your goals. If you wish to change your goal in the future, you can purchase an add-on manual;

  • The Weight/Fat Loss Manual to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.
  • The Weight/Muscle Gain Manual to increase your muscle mass and optimise your performance while minimising fat gain.
  • The Maintenance Manual to sustain your results, while optimising your health and performance.
  • The ASPIRE Method is a long term lifestyle approach to continue your progress, optimise your health and enjoy your nutrition.
The ASPIRE Method Weight/Fat Loss Manual
The ASPIRE Method Weight/Muscle Gain Manual
The ASPIRE Method Maintenance Manual

The ASPIRE Method Contains:

  • A Nutritional Requirement Assessment –You will complete a short questionnaire which will be assessed by ASPIRE Nutrition to determine how many servings of each macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) you should consume per day. This is specific to your sex, stature, activity level and goals.
  • The ASPIRE Method Manual – a manual specific to your goals detailing how to navigate The ASPIRE Method with access to accompanying videos.
  • A Nutrition Fundamentals Guide – begin your process with becoming familiar with this document.
  • The ASPIRE Method Health Guidelines –daily targets to optimise overall health.
  • The ASPIRE Method Food Index – simply select your desired food in the appropriate serving size to meet your daily targets.
  • The ASPIRE Method Monitoring Spreadsheet
  • The ASPIRE Method Daily Log Template
  • Exclusive access to THE ASPIRE Method Facebook Community Page which includes live Q&A’s, shared recipes, meal ideas, and community support.

The ASPIRE Method Initiation Process

  • Step 1: Complete the Nutritional Requirement Assessment (this will be completed once your payment has been processed).
  • Step 2: Receive your Initiation Package (individualised serving requirements, resources and documentation).
  • Step 3: Read The ASPIRE Method Nutrition Fundamentals Guide (attached in initiation email).
  • Step 4: Work through THE ASPIRE Method Manual referring to each video and document as outlined.
  • Step 5: Request access to The ASPIRE Method Community Facebook Page.
  • Step 6: Begin working with The ASPIRE Method and enjoy the lifestyle. Engage with the ASPIRE Method Community by; posting questions, seeking clarification, supporting others and sharing progress, meal ideas and recipes.